INMARSAT is a UK based company which provides Mobile Satellite Telecommunications (MST), originally founded as an inter-Governmental organization. Inmarsat operates a constellation of 11 satellites flying in geostationary orbit with practically global coverage. The business has grown strongly since 1999 when it became the first intergovernmental organization to transform into a private company, later floating on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: ISAT.L) in 2005.


Iridium Communications Inc. Is a company listed on the stock exchange based in McLean, Virginia, USA. The mobile voice and data communications solutions provided by this company are supported by a unique truly global network of communications satellites, with worldwide coverage which includes both poles, the oceans, and airways. It provides reliable, real time key communications services, and creates fundamental communications links that help improve quality of life, generate business and develop new opportunities. The Iridium constellation is the largest commercial satellite constellation in the world, and comprises 66 inter-linked low earth orbital satellites which operate as a single totally meshed network. Iridium’s constellation architecture guarantees high reliability and low latency.


LeoSat was formed to leverage proven satellite communications technology which would be deployed in a unique way to develop a new low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite constellation providing a truly global, enterprise grade, high-speed and secure data network. LeoSat is currently working with Thales Alenia Space to manufacture and launch a constellation of up to 108 Ka-band communications satellites. The high-throughput satellites (HTS) will be interconnected through laser links, effectively creating an optical backbone in space which is about 1.5 times faster than terrestrial fiber backbones. Once operational, the constellation will provide a highly secure communications infrastructure for business operations in the telecom backhaul, Energy, Maritime, Government and international business markets. Start of the launch of the constellation is expected in 2019.


Galaxy 1 is specialised in integrating mobile satcom services and connections the terrestrial infrastructure, online firewalls, satcom equipment and the IP applications being used over the satellite network. Galaxy 1 has contracts with the major hardware suppliers (Hughes Network Systems LLC and Cobham/Thrane & Thrane) and is a DP for Inmarsat. In addition to the hardware and the service, Galaxy 1 offers a unique secure on-line Billing & Management platform, video/audio-streaming applications, tracking applications, a M2M management and control application (Remote Terminal Manager) and VOIP services.


COBHAM offers an innovative range of technologies and services to solve challenging problems in harsh environments across commercial, defense and security markets, from deep space to the depths of the ocean, protecting lives and livelihoods with its differentiated technology and expertise. The Group has a team which specializes in satisfying the growing demand for data, connectivity and bandwidth, staffed by over 12,000 persons with working presence on the five continents. It supports customers and partners in over 100 countries with market leading positions in: audio, video and data communications, including satellite communications; defense electronics; in-flight refueling; aviation services and life critical mission support.


Whenever a critical decision needs to be made, we are there. To help create a safer world, we serve five keys sectors. Aerospace, Space, Ground Transportation, Defence, Security. Our expertise allows our customers to find the right solutions for difficult problems in challenging environments. We are proud of the role we play in a world that is increasingly mobile, interconnected, interdependent and dangerous.