Defense & Government

Where government requirements for voice, data and video services demand global availability and utmost reliability, Globalsat Group delivers the world over.
Whether a military commander on operations, a government official responding to a local emergency or a head of state conducting international affairs, Globalsat Group provides them with essential access to voice and broadband data, where and when they need it.


Globalsat Group enables voice and high-speed broadband access to its customers in remote locations worldwide.
With managed bandwidth service packages EPIC's Ku and Global Xpress' Ka-band, customers will receive more high throughput capability than ever before.


In addition to these capabilities, as managed satellite services provider Globalsat Group can provide all milsatcom capability or specific services which include bandwidth only, bandwidth with anchoring and backhaul or many other various combinations of packaged services, products and systems.

It is a full end-to-end satellite services provider for military and government users who also require access to L-band, Ku-band, Ka-band and C-band and these are all part of the portfolio which is offered by Globalsat Group.


  • Truly global coverage
  • High speed broadband network access
  • Expert consultancy
  • Flexible and commercially efficient practices
  • Assured Quality of Services (QoS)
  • Surge capacity capability with fast commercial processes
  • Expert consultancy and tailored solutions as per the customer's requirement
  • 24/7 customer, network & technical support


Ensuring the provision of essential infrastructure such as public health, power and transportation is a crucial government role. Communications need to be maintained when terrestrial networks become unreliable or fail, which is where Globalsat Group comes in.


Critical infrastructure refers to assets that are essential for the functioning of society, such as electricity generation, transmission and distribution networks, hospitals, railways and airports, and security services. Ensuring the reliability of these assets is a crucial role of governments.


  • Truly global coverage
  • Reliability
  • Globally available, ready to go
  • Simultaneous voice and data communications globally from small, easy to use and rapidly deployable terminals
  • Monitor remote or mobile assets, such as oil and gas pipelines and power grids or transport fleets, in real-time
  • Extend the reach of surveillance networks into areas where manned observation posts would be impractical, unsafe or simply not cost effective
  • Expert consultancy and tailored solutions as per the customer's requirement
  • 24/7 customer, network & technical support


Voting using electronic means to either aid or take care of the chores of casting and counting votes.
Depending on the particular implementation, e-voting may encompass a range of Internet services, from basic data transmission to full-function online voting through common connectable household devices.
When the challenge is establish faster, more reliable data and voice communications with electronic polling stations in hundreds of small rural villages lacking access to terrestrial networks Globalsat Group asures accessibility, security  and reability.


Whether it’s a shortage of skilled healthcare practitioners and teachers or just the vastness of rural areas affecting and limiting access to quality healthcare and education, Globalsat Group can help bridge the provision gap in areas without reliable communications access. Using our reliable, always-available global networks, medical staff and educators can access professional information where and when they need it.


  • Achieved secure, efficient and cost effective satellite communications from remote sites
  • Cut voting data scrutinizing time from hours to minutes
  • Flexible service options
  • Simultaneous voice and data connectivity
  • Compact, robust, simple to use, and inexpensive terminals
  • Value added services— including bulk activations, data encryption, dedicated VPN, terminal authorization, cost controls, and real-time traffic monitoring
  • 24/7 customer, network & technical support


Globalsat Group provides services that can help maximise your operational effectiveness and chances of mission success, by delivering secure, reliable mobile broadband services that enable interoperability on a global basis – on land, at sea, and in the air.


Ensure you have secure, reliable communications to support missions and achieve objectives wherever your team is needed — anywhere on the planet.
Stay connected to your personnel and assets eliminating any reliance on foreign ground infrastructure.

  • Secure voice
  • Tracking
  • Networked real-time voice and low-latency data services for all mobile and tactical communications
  • Reliable over-the-horizon, on the move, and beyond line of site voice and data communications with global push-to-talk capability for an unlimited number of users over a single secure channel.


  • Network interoperability
  • Strategic, secure communications using existing equipment
  • Voice and data capability
  • Easy to use
  • Global coverage with strategic backhaul
  • Dedicated bandwith
  • Independent of local infraestructure
  • Flexible service options